Professional Liability

In this field, the firm provides mainly for the legal representation of persons finding themselves in a defense situation in the context of a legal dispute, or of professional bodies who pursue their members following the commission of derogatory professional acts as well of members of various professional bodies being charged with derogatory acts. The firm also offers its professional and institutional clientele to review and analyze current or even potential litigation, the strategic development of defense or legal action, or reasoned and informed negotiations.

Specifically, we represent:

  1. Professionals
  • Legal support and counsel during the trustee’s investigation process
  • Defence in case of complaint before a disciplinary committee
  1. Professional orders
  • Conduct the investigation and submit a report to the trustee or deputy trustee with our analysis and recommendations
  • Draft the complaint, prepare exhibits inventory and the list of witnesses
  • Representation on guilt and sanction before the Disciplinary Committees
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